Asean Infotech is an innovative app development company. We love to customize unique application solutions for our clients. We can create something that will dazzle your end users, whether they have an iPhone, Android device, or Windows phone. App development is our passion, and we want to deliver something you’re passionate about to your clients, customers, and employees in the form of an amazing Windows app.

Within our amazing team of talented, experienced developers are those dedicated to Windows Mobile and Windows phone app development. We have a history of creating great apps on many different platforms, and with our Xamarin partnership, we specialize in cross-platform app creation. We offer innovative, fluid design; efficient, cost-effective, and standardized processes; and a user-focused approach to Microsoft app development. Our goal is simple: create amazing user experiences.

Whether or not we at Asean Infotech recommend Windows mobile app development often depends on the target audience and intended use of the product. We typically discover this information during our consulting and strategy-creation phase, lovingly dubbed Phase Zero. While we flesh out your idea for the app, we consider who the app would most benefit or appeal to. Sometimes, we find that the people who would most appreciate your app are the dedicated user base of Microsoft. App development takes place after wire-framing and architecture stages. Our innovative developers will create the most fluid design and user-friendly interface possible, creating something graphically beautiful that still feels “natural” to use. While we take the time to focus on great design, we also have many different processes to ensure that this creation stage is the most time- and cost-effective for our clients. Lastly, your Windows app will be thoroughly tested on many different kinds of Windows mobile devices. Our quality assurance processes are highly effective, using several different methodologies for finding and weeding out potential issues. After a successful launch, our team can help to continue to maintain the app; upgrade services are available.

We use following platforms for our Windows solutions:

Windows Mobile Multimedia Apps

Windows Phone Utility Apps

Windows Mobile GPS Apps

Windows Phone Navigation Apps

Windows Mobile Consulting Services

3D Touch Application Development

Windows App Development

What propels our Windows app development team is the undying bounce-back attitude of Microsoft to provide enhanced mobile tech with loads of new features and user-interface to increase their consumer base. Windows OS is adept with one of its class in providing a mobile business benefit which plays a crucial role in the enterprise cycle enhancement. You may have heard of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones having apps specially made for their brand – so we have the iPhone apps, the Android apps, and the iPad apps. But have you heard of the Windows apps? Basically, Windows apps are software applications that were designed for the Windows Mobile operating system. Your Windows Mobile app can be deployed on mobile devices if you get assistance from the right Windows app development specialists. Another reason Windows app development is important is that your customers may already favor using Windows applications such as the Office suites, the Internet Explorer browser, and even Microsoft One Note. Adding your new app to the mix means that it is in good company – you just need to make consumers aware why they should patronize your app as well. The right Windows app development programmer can make you a new app that should help consumers gain a better online experience than they are currently getting right now. Partnering with Nokia, the largest player of windows phone is gradually grooving towards acquiring smartphone market with an optimistic approach. Our windows mobile app development services are equally diversified among various industry sector such as: Multimedia application,Business & Productivity apps,Social media apps,Utilities application,GPS & Navigation apps,Internet applications,Communication apps,Games apps.

Windows Game Development

In the past, Microsoft allowed developers to use the Games for Windows system to introduce their games into the market. However because that brand has been discontinued, Microsoft now encourages developers of new games to consider making their games deployable through the Windows Store. To do this, developers can pursue Windows Game development on the new Windows 8 operating system. To successfully make a new game from scratch on Windows 8 you would have to get familiar with Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 first. If you are not that great with this system yet but are running after a deadline to release a new game, then you can always rely on Asean Infotech to assume some of that load for you. You can collaborate with us on different aspects of your project (such as new game concept and design, code programming, and even understanding the ins and outs of Windows 8) so that you can focus on other aspects of the business while we do the techie stuff. Another serious hurdle for anyone attempting Windows Game development is the learning how to apply the C++ with DirectX language. DirectX is believed to have more powerful applications when used on Windows 8 because of the improved graphics stack, which permits easier use of components like DirectCompute, Direct2D or Direct3D, and DirectVideo. But if you are intimidated by the prospect of having to absorb new languages and make a new game, then why not consider hiring us first? We have the right talent who can handle C++ DirectX programming and give you the results you need when you need it. Your project will become a reality when you have our company on the job.